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Chaka [userpic]

[OOC] Profile

August 29th, 2008 (03:37 pm)

    • Name: Chaka
    • Age/Birthdate: Mid-twenties
    • Species: Unas
      • Type: He can understand any language, though speaking new languages is not quite as simple
    • Canon: Stargate SG-1
    • Livejournal: chakaso
    • Played By: Dion Johnstone
    • Icon: http://i184.photobucket.com/albums/x288/christmaswerewolf/Leader.png
    • Appearance: Chaka is an Unas, a humanoid reptilian species. His body is roughly proportioned like that of a human, though he is more muscular and only has four clawed fingers on each hand. His head has ridges running from his eyes and cheekbones to the back of his head, where they meet in a pointed shape, and he has a pair of spikes on his chin that grow longer as he ages. As he comes from an aboriginal tribe, he is usually dressed in alien furs and leathers, and wears a bone necklace around his throat. His teeth are sharp and numerous, and his eyes are a slightly eerie yellow. His blood, however, is bright fluorescent green.
    • Personality: Despite his frightening appearance, Chaka is of a mostly gentle nature and is barely an adult by his people's standards. While he is occasionally prone to rash action and is fully capable of defending himself, he prefers to coexist with other species as peacefully as possible. He is eager to learn more about other cultures and very open to new ideas that don't fit with his own traditions. He especially enjoys Earth food, particularly chocolate PowerBars.

    • History: Chaka was raised on a jungle-like planet in an isolated tribe of Unas. With little to fear besides primitive Goa'uld in the lakes and rivers, Chaka believed that his people were the only sentient beings in existence. A team from Stargate Command arrived to excavate Goa'uld skeletons during his coming-of-age ritual, and he decided to take one of the humans captive to show his prowess as a skilled hunter. He selected the human that appeared to be in charge, who turned out to be civilian scientist Daniel Jackson. Daniel repeatedly attempted to communicate with Chaka, and his mimicry of the Unas language quickly led Chaka to believe that his captive was sentient. He refused to let Daniel go, but began teaching him different words and in doing so established a friendly rapport between them. By the time they arrived back at Chaka's cave, the Unas decided he wanted to induct Daniel into his clan instead of eating him. This did not sit well with the leader of the tribe, and Chaka was forced to fight him to the death. Chaka killed the leader and took command, setting Daniel free and offering him a place in the tribe. Daniel declined, but visited often to continue their multicultural exchange of language and ideas.

      Daniel was gone for some time, so Chaka attempted to dial the Stargate and come meet him. He did not know the address, however, and ended up emerging through the Rift in Chicago. Unsettled by his new surroundings, Chaka retreated to the darkness of the cavelike sewers and eventually began to gather other nonhuman arrivals, founding a community underneath the city.

    • Writing Sample:Cut for lengthCollapse )

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